ESC Programmer 1.1 (BLHeli_S / BLHeli_32)

$5.00 - $25.00 - Sold out
Image of ESC Programmer 1.1 (BLHeli_S / BLHeli_32) Image of ESC Programmer 1.1 (BLHeli_S / BLHeli_32)

This is the old version of the ESC Programmer. Leaving this listing up for archival/link-rot purposes, but this version is no longer being sold. New version here:

This ESC Programmer uses the popular Arduino Nano programming method for BLHeli_S and BLHeli_32 ESCs without the mess of jumper wires everywhere. Plug in up to 4 ESCs to program (either with the same or individual settings).

The Preassembled versions allow the Arduino Nano to be removed and reused for other projects with a firm pull from the socket. The Bare PCB option allows you to use custom connectors or permanently solder the Arduino Nano to the board.

Arduino Nano (if this option is chosen) will be the Elegoo Arduino Nano CH 340/ATmega+328P

Here is a video from Seth Schaffer of Just 'Cuz Robotics, explaining how to use the BLHeli software with any Arduino Nano.