ESC Programmer USB-C (AM32 / BLHeli_S / BLHeli_32)

$5.00 - $25.00
Image of ESC Programmer USB-C (AM32 / BLHeli_S / BLHeli_32) Image of ESC Programmer USB-C (AM32 / BLHeli_S / BLHeli_32) Image of ESC Programmer USB-C (AM32 / BLHeli_S / BLHeli_32)

Update Fall 2023 again:
This is confirmed working with AM32! Though AM32's configuration tool seems to only support one ESC at a time. Hopefully in the future we will see this improve to four ESCs in the future. Follow this guide to convert your existing programmer to work with AM32.

Update Fall 2023:
I am out of town on a weekly basis for the next few months, please allow up to a week for your order to be prepared and shipped.
Update July 2023:
Added USB-C to USB-C cable as an option!
UPDATE from before March 2023ish:
Version 1.3 is available. They function exactly the same as Version 1.2, and only have slight modifications to the labels and two small holes that assist with mass production of the board. All pre-assembled boards will ship as 1.3. All bare PCB boards will ship as 1.2
Wow! Upgrade! The ESC Programmer you have known and loved for a whole four months has been upgraded to use a USB-C port, and also includes an optional 5V bridge so you can reprogram your ESC programmer for servo testing!

This ESC Programmer uses the popular Arduino Nano programming method for AM32, BLHeli_S, and BLHeli_32 ESCs without the mess of jumper wires everywhere. Plug in up to 4 ESCs to program (either with duplicated or individually unique settings).

The Preassembled versions allow the Arduino Nano to be removed and reused for other projects with a firm pull from the socket. The Bare PCB option allows you to use custom connectors or permanently solder the Arduino Nano to the board.

Arduino Nano (if this option is chosen) will be the "AITRIP Nano Board CH340/ATmega+328P Type-C Connection Compatible with Arduino Nano V3.0"

Here is a video from Seth Schaffer of Just 'Cuz Robotics and fellow Bots N Stuff (Bloodsport and Retrograde), explaining how to use the BLHeli software with any Arduino Nano.

In order to use with servos, bridge the 5V pad near the "D3" connection. This is done at the user's own risk- understand the issues multiple ESCs with built-in BECs can cause if connected together. Below is a link is an example of the code to turn the programmer into a servo tester. If you flash this code to the Nano, you must reflash the BLHeli programming software to use it for ESC programming again!

Illustration custom commissioned from Leojiaz